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Brief History; In 1957 the Ulfts Male Voice Choir (UMVC) was founded. In 1957 the Ulfts Male Voice Choir (UMVC) was founded. At that time the choir had 27 members but this number was at the end of that year almost tripled. Perhaps the big success of winning a song concourse earlier that year was one of the reasons of the boost of members. By 1961 we have 100 members. And for the first time plans are made to go abroad for a concert in Germany. Remarkable in 1963 was that the choir attended with other choirs in a mix religious community Christmas celebration. A breakthrough for the 60ties. In '64 on the 4th of May, the day that the Netherlands celebrate the end of the WWII the UMVC sings at the Honorary Cemetery at Loenen. High
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The “Good Old” days picture from 1955. Membership dues at that time ware 25 cents a week.
Welcome to the website of the Ulfts Male Voice Choir. The choir has around an eighty singers, who are with great enthusiasm and evotion engaged with pure male choral singing. The choir received major national and international awareness by means of 40 plus radio and television appearances and boasts a large number of foreign concert tours.
ranked military and political together with a enormous crowd are emotional touched by the performance of the UMVC. Which later results in a request to attend the Memorial again in 1965. The Highlight of 1966 is a trip to Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. The train trip who had a dinner stop at Munich was memorable special the sleeping compartments. The bunk beds ware not exactly the comfort of home. But this to the side, 125 members of the choir had a great trip. A performance in the caverns of Postonja and radio recording in the radio studios of  Ljubljana. 500 tulip bulbs ware planted in the city. These bulbs ware smuggled in the country official the at that time the communist regime didn't allow the import.   
Picture taken at the Ljubljana train station.
The caverns of Postonja.
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1969 is a sad year for the UMVC. The conductor Theo Knikkink passed away. The UMVC lost a fine conductor and a great  friend. In 1972 the UMVC is going to Spain. Earnings from money raised by a lottery and sponsoring make this six day trip possible. There are 2 places to visit; Barcelona and Castellbell y Villar. The trip is on request of Capilla de Musica Bures a Spanish choir with strong bonds with Spanish guest workers who work and live at Ulft.    And for the first time, not by train or bus but by plane. From Schiphol Airport the UMVC leaves in two parties to Spain. The first concert was at the basilica of Montserrat the second one was participating in a international choir contest at Barcelona. The UMVC receives the Barcelona City Honour Award. One the way back to the Netherlands above the Pyrenees mountains, some first time flyers had the experience of vertical drift. Who wasn't buckled up hit the luggage lockers and the scary flight made some ladies crying. One person kissed the ground while back safe and well at Schiphol.
1975 a year with a two way visit. Friends from the British the Honley Male Voice Choir bring a visit to Ulft. Three concerts are given, one in Germany and the other ones in Zeddam and Ulft. The plans to make a trip to England are made and became reality in September.
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